Embedded programming (robotics)

We study C++, Arduino, ESP32, work with analog digital sensors
For children from 8 years old
Advanced knowledge = full-fledged profession
Embedded programming is a meeting of code, hardware, and creative minds. Robotics is an ideal way to start learning programming. The child writes the code and immediately sees the result of its action. The task is to find your own solution to make the code work as it should. This is how we learn to understand the essence of programming instead of memorized structures
5 courses
Practical application and creation of various devices and instruments
Electrodynamics, electrostatics, and all physical processes
C++ language
High-level programming commonly used for software development
Python language
A simple and understandable programming language that will be used to work with computer vision technology
Our graduate will be able to work as:
Works with embedded devices
Embedded developer
Income from 10 000 $/month
An embedded developer is a professional who specializes in developing, maintaining, and testing embedded systems.

Embedded systems are computers that are placed inside other devices and control them (mobile phones, driving devices, medical devices, robots). They send specific commands to make the device work the way the developer intended.
All courses of the direction
Each course lasts 1 year
We have developed a step-by-step and flexible training system that will help your child become a qualified specialist
170 Lari
8-10 years old
Arduino Kids
Introductory course for children aged 8-10
During the year of study, students will get acquainted with the world of programming using the visual programming environment Scratch. They will study digital, analog signals and sensors, the Arduino Uno board. They will learn about input and output devices and data transfer protocols. Develop applications for Android OS
170 Lari
10-12 years old
Arduino Junior
Introductory course for children aged 10-12
During the year of study, students will get acquainted with the world of programming using the Ardublock block programming environment. They will study digital, analog signals and sensors, Arduino Uno. They will start practicing C++ programming: syntax and basic constructs. They will learn about wireless data transmission. Develop applications for Android OS
170 Lari
9-11 years old
Arduino KidsPro
Getting started with C++ programming
Throughout the year, students will deepen their knowledge of the features of the Arduino Uno board by using more complex sensors and modules. They will make a leap from block (ArduBlock) to symbolic programming (C++)
For students who have completed the Arduino Kids course
170 Lari
9-11 years old
Middle Embedded
Building a robot from scratch
In Middle-Embedded, students will design and develop:
For graduates of Arduino KidsPro or Arduino Junio
1) A robotic controlled platform based on the Arduino Nano
2) An analog of the world-famous GameBoy gaming platform
170 Lari
11-14 years old
Pro Embedded
Complex modules and the Internet of Things
Students will create a server for a smart home. They will have a deep practical study of the laws of physics, electrostatics, and electrodynamics.
For Middle Embedded graduates
We will reach a level where the child will be able to create smart devices for the home, control them via a web server, and write code for autonomous robots
170 Lari
12-15 years old
Senior Embedded
Own projects "from A to Z"
The course is focused on designing and creating printed circuit boards for off-the-shelf devices
For graduates of Pro Embedded
During the course, students will delve into analog and digital circuitry, learn how the main components are arranged, and be able to read electrical schematics on their own. Everything you need to create your own devices
170 Lari
13-16 years old
Expert Embedded
Computer Vision and Machine Learning
We will study the popular Python programming language and the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library to work with images. Students will develop their own robotic project with a smart camera, the purpose of which will be to track an object and drive with orientation on the markings
The final course of the program
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