We teach to develop games

We introduce to the principles of game development and logic, teach programming in C#

For children from 8 years old
In-depth knowledge = full-fledged profession
Game development is an interesting and labour-intensive process that involves learning and applying a wide range of skills and technologies: designing, creating 3D models, programming, animation, working with sounds
5 courses
Working with vectors and quaternions - mathematical objects that display the position, movement, rotation of objects in games
Study of physical laws using the functions built into the Unity engine
Language C#
Mastering the object-oriented programming language. You can use it to build flexible and scalable applications
Working with technology
google firebase, play services. 3D modeling
Our graduate will be able to work as:
On the Unity engine
Income from USD 6,000/month
Game developer
Unity-Developer is a specialist who creates games as well as business applications that are widely used in advertising campaigns using the multi-platform Unity engine
All discipline courses
Each course lasts 1 year
We have developed a step-by-step and flexible system of education, after completing which your child will be able to become a qualified specialist
170 Lari
9-11 years old
Getting to know the world of games
Students will get acquainted with the complex but at the same time fascinating world of creating games. They will understand exactly how games work and learn to create incredible worlds that exist according to their own rules
170 Lari
10-12 years old
Unity Beginner
Game development in Bolt
During the course, students will delve into the specifics and features of the game development process. We will first introduce them to more complex abstract concepts,then they will go from block programming to writing code manually in the C# programming language
170 Lari
12-14 years old
Unity 2D
Development of games in the Unity 2D program
The course aims to expand the horizon of possibilities: students will learn the C # language, which allows object-oriented coding and more functional use of the Unity engine

They will learn to work with scenes, characters, lighting, levels, User Experience
For Unity Beginner graduates
170 Lari
13-15 years old
Unity 3D
Developing games in Unity 3D
The course will provide knowledge that will help you develop full-fledged single-player 3D games, port them to Android, and publish them on the Play Market. In addition to the Unity engine, we will focus on C# programming, delving into OOP, and working with databases to store user data
For Unity 2D graduates
170 Lari
14-16 years old
Unity Pro
Professional game development in Unity 3D
We will consider such important issues as the integration of advertising in applications, analysis of data from users (receiving error messages that occur in games), collecting data on the operation of applications on client devices - all this will be implemented using Google Firebase
The final course of the direction
Much of the course will also focus on working with multiplayer on Unity. Children will learn how to create multiplayer games that can be played online with friends
Introductory course for children aged 9-11
Introductory course for children aged 11-12
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